Metals Engineering and Testing Laboratories performs a number of services specifically for the aircraft maintenance and overhaul industry on both engine and structural components.

Many of these services include:

  • Failure Analysis
  • Material & Process Identification
  • Repair Development & Substantiation
  • Warranty Investigation
  • PMA (Test and Computation or Identicality Verification)

Documented failure investigation is crucial when assigning liability, negotiating warranty claims, evaluating maintenance schedules and implementing design changes. METL retains a staff of skilled personnel who specialize in investigating aircraft engine and component failures. Using modern equipment, including scanning electron microscopy, x-ray analysis, and advanced metallurgical techniques, failure modes and the root causes of failure can be determined and documented.

The development of PMA components requires extensive metallurgical support in both identification of materials and processes (reverse engineering) and verifying the identical duplication of completed components. METL has extensive experience in testing and evaluating repair processes performed on engine and structural components. Repair evaluation on turbine engine parts including airfoils, shafts, disks, seals, stators, shrouds, combustors, compressors, nozzles, bearings, housings, gears, and fasteners is routinely performed at METL. Processes evaluated include welding, brazing, coating, HIPping, heat treatment, forging, casting, cleaning, etc.

Validation by test and computation often requires complete and extensive data packages proving metallurgical performance. METL can assist your company with either substantiation requirement by providing comprehensive metallurgical analysis.