METL provides year-round liquid penetrant, emulsifier, and mag-particle oil recertification in accordance with ASTM D95, D445, E1135, and E1417. Monthly and quarterly testing of Fluorescence, Removability, Washability, Water Content, Viscosity, and Contamination is available to satisfy the quality assurance standards for your NDI and NDT facilities. Our lab can ensure that your materials meet all of the relevant requirements of standards like AMS 2644 and BPS 4089, providing you a traceable certification history from an independent, third-party source demonstrating the viability of your recycled-processing penetrant oils.

Samples for liquid penetrant analysis can be delivered to METL in any convenient container, or we can provide you appropriately-sized bottles for shipping samples to us. If you have any questions about our NDI recertification capabilities, or would like to receive a sampling kit, please contact us. Our goal is to give you the service you need to keep your inspection stations running at peak efficiency.