Complete Metal Solutions

Metal Testing and Analysis Provided with Interpretation and Expertise


Trust us to certify the properties and composition of your metallic components and coatings.


Let us help you confirm the quality of the polymers you are working with and how they comply with industry standards.


We have a wide range of testing capabilities from mechanical properties to metallurgical evaluations.


We provide comprehensive reports detailing our data with expert interpretation.

Failure Analysis

Let us help you investigate the root cause of your metal component failure. We provide extensive data, research possible causes, and lend experience and expertise to help you determine what went wrong.

Material Characterization

Discover the material you are working with. We help industries learn the materials and processes used in the manufacturing of their parts. We establish compositional data, microstructural form and material properties and compare them to industry standards.

Quality Inspection

Let us certify that your materials and their manufacturing processes meet your standards. Verify your suppliers and guarantee you are producing quality products.

Materials Testing Laboratories