Other Services

Other Services

METL conducts a number of specialized tests on both metallic and non-metallic materials. Some of these services are shown below. We will be happy to assist you in accomplishing your goals, whether through designing custom tests or helping you find the best source to meet your needs.

Fluorescent Penetrant and Mag-Particle Oil Recertification

We perform interval testing monthly, quarterly or in any other sequences your testing schedule requires.

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Polymer Testing

Need to characterize a non-metallic material? We can help. METL provides multiple services to help narrow down material selection or ensure the quality of your product.

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Salt Spray Corrosion

Evaluate the corrosion resistance of your materials, surfaces or coatings with a Nadcap accredited saline environment and process.

Applicable Specifications


Taber Abrasion

Testing of abrasion resistance on materials, coatings, platings and paints. Can't find your specification? Call us to confirm if we can test according to your requirements.

Applicable Specifications

MIL-A-8625, MIL-PRF-24712, MIL-PRF-24613, ASTM B733, ASTM B607, ASTM B893, ISO 10074, ISO 7784-1, and other specifications that reference ASTM D4060 and ASTM G195

Stress Corrosion

Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) can cause catastrophic failure and be difficult to identify. METL can help you predict your metal’s susceptibility to SCC using simulated corrosive environments and stress testing.

Applicable Specifications



METL can help you ensure that your materials will solder satisfactorily in production. We can evaluate solderability of your metallic components with comprehensive results.

Applicable Specifications

MIL-STD-202 Method 208, ASTM B678

Thermal Barrier Coating Strength

Applicable Specifications


Coating Adhesion

Applicable Specifications


Paint Adhesion

Applicable Specifications


Electrical Conductivity

Measures electrical conductivity in %IACS using the eddy current method.

Applicable Specifications


Coating Weight

Applicable Specifications

MIL-A-8625, ASTM B137

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We provide third-party testing to ensure viability and reliability


As an independent laboratory we have the freedom to offer extremely competitive rates without compromising our integrity.

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With Over 45 years of service to customers of many industries, you can trust that you are getting the highest quality results.

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