Metallurgy with METL

METL has nearly 200 years of combined EXPERIENCE WITH metallography, image analysis, sample preparation, electron microscopy (SEM) and FAILURE ANALYSIS.
WE regularly EVALUATE microstructure, grain size, case depth, inclusion CONTENT, porosity, welds, corrosion, COATINGS, and MORE.
From routine examinations to full reverse engineering, METL has all the tools you need for complete characterization.


Microstructure examination can help identify your material, reveal defects, as well as provide insight into manufacturing and heat treatment.

Applicable Specifications


Failure Analysis

Metallurgical evaluation is integral to determining why your component failed. We can perform an in depth examination utilizing numerous test methods to characterize your materials, reveal microscopic defects, manufacturing issues, or stress concentrations invisible to the naked eye.

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Welding and Joining Process Exam

We can help you determine the integrity of your weld, braze, solder, or other joining process. Not sure if you have the right material? We can examine the fillers, phases and bonding of any joint to best support the quality of your product.

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Coatings and Platings

Let us help you analyze, categorize, measure and qualify your surface treatments. Whether for routine quality assurance, process development, failure analysis or reverse engineering - we can help!

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Grain Size

Various material properties depend on grain size and morphology. We routinely help our customers ensure their parts meet requirements.

Applicable Specifications



Microhardness testing is a valuable technique for small parts or those not conducive to Rockwell hardness measurement. With 500x magnification, we can also test microstructural inclusions and phases that vary from the surrounding matrix. Hardened cases and coatings can be tested, as well.

Applicable Specifications


Furnace Certification for Aluminum

METL provides metallographic and mechanical testing to certify aluminum heat treat furnaces. Testing is in accordance to standards such as AMS 2772, MIL-H-6088 and others.

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Case Depth/Hardness

The total and effective case depth of your carburize, nitride, carbo-nitride, nitro-carburize or other case hardening heat treatment can be measured using microhardness and visual techniques. We also examine for undesirable effects, such as white layer and decarburization.

Applicable Specifications

AMS 2759, ASTM E384, ASTM E1077, ASTM F2328

Inclusion Content

Inclusion content can have significant effects on material properties and impact performance. METL can measure and evaluate the inclusion content of your alloy in accordance with industry standards.

Applicable Specifications


Intergranular Attack (IGA)

IGA is a metallurgical phenomenon for which we routinely investigate. If you are using a process or material in which IGA is a concern let us give you peace of mind knowing your parts are safe for service.

Applicable Specifications


Nonconventional Machined Surface Inspection

Using EDM, ECM, ECG or LBM processes to produce a part? METL can examine, measure and qualify recast layer, alpha case, or any other undesirable surface feature with precision.

Applicable Specifications

RPS 418 (EDM), RRP 55000

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) can be used for microstructure and coating evaluation, surface analysis, foreign material and crack detection, fractography and failure analysis.

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Energy Dispersive X-Ray Spectroscopy (EDS)

EDS can help determine chemical compositions of base materials, microstructure constituents, coatings and surface treatments, corrosion products, foreign material and various types of contamination.

Applicable Specifications

ASTM E1508


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